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Carpet Cleaning

Sir Clean Pro is proud to call Barrie home, and it is our goal to see that your Barrie home remains clean and healthy. You won’t always see it, but daily traffic on your carpets leaves unhealthy dirt and grime that gradually builds up. Not having your carpets regularly cleaned also increases allergens in your home, due to dust, pet dander, and pollens. Neglected carpets wear out faster, due to the abrasive action of fine particulates deep down (that regular vacuuming cannot remove).

You can trust Sir Clean Pro when you need the best. We first perform a fiber ID test to determine your carpet material, this tells us which cleaning solutions are needed. Your carpet is then pre- treated to break down and suspend soiling. Tough stains will be treated with specialty spotters. On soiled traffic areas we gently scrub in the pre- treatment with a rotary brush machine to further break soiling. Next we use super- heated boiling water through our powerful equipment to flush out the suspended dirt and cleaning solutions. We even use a special edging wand to clean right up to the baseboard. Carpeted stairs are meticulously cleaned with a hand tool. Most companies will not match our quality with such attention to detail in taking these steps.

Sir Clean Pro can also apply optional specialty treatments if you desire the best for your carpet. We offer top quality carpet protectors. If strong odors are a concern we have extra odor counteractant and sanitizer options available. For pet urine contamination we can perform UV light detection (to find all contamination) and then water claw sub- surface extraction.

For a free home consultation of our carpet services please call 705-816-4114