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Tile and Grout Cleaning

Many people are unaware that professional cleaning for tile and grout exists. Old dingy tile and grout can make a building look dated, undesirable, sometimes even just plain gross! Regular maintenance cleaning with mop and grocery store products generally removes the loose spills, but over time your grout slowly sucks up grime, soiling, and germs, and becomes discolored and unsanitary. Every time your dirty mop water is pushed around the floor the grout sucks up fine soil from the water. This process takes place gradually, and often people don’t notice it. If you compare your grout in a high traffic area to grout in a corner, you may see your original grout colour, and what it has become! Trying to properly clean grout with brushes and consumer products is futile.

After many painful hours on hands and knees scrubbing you will find the results unsatisfactory. Call on Sir Clean Pro to tackle the job and perform a special restorative cleaning. We use the best high tech equipment and cleaning solutions that are not available in local Barrie stores. Years of grime will be melted and blasted away, as we use our high pressure rotary extraction to deep clean the grout and leave tile absolutely sparkling.

When the tile floor is clean we can apply a clear sealer to make grout more resistant to stains and soil, or you can go for the ultimate treatment with colour sealer, and make your grout better than new. We can also repair unsightly damaged or missing grout and cracked tiles. The end result is the renewal of dingy tile and grout surfaces, and increased property value and desirability of your home or business.