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Will Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning Ruin My Carpet?

For those of you who have never hired a professional steam carpet cleaner to steam clean your carpets, it can seem like a risky task at first. You might have reservations about inviting a stranger into your home to deal with your carpets, something so integral to your home. Without fully understanding the process of steam cleaning, it might appear like a bad idea to allow someone to push water and steam into your carpet fibers. For many, it sounds like an open invitation to mold, mildew and mess. Why risk messing up such a vital component of your home? These kinds of assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

Professional Steam Carpet Cleaning

The fact of the matter is, hiring a professional steam carpet cleaner will only do good to your carpets. The process of steam cleaning a carpet, when done by a trained professional with hands-on experience, won’t do anything to ruin your carpet. There is an inherent risk involved with hiring any outside party into your home for a purpose, but you have to trust in the professionals if you want a fresh cleaned carpet.

In the past, before carpet cleaning and water extraction techniques became modernized, many carpet cleaning companies would leave carpets too wet, causing water to rise to the surface and attract more dirt, resulting in dirty looking carpets. If this were 100 years ago, you would be right in thinking professional carpet cleaning may ruin your carpets. However, modern, professional carpet cleaning techniques include hot water extraction, which not only lifts dirt from deep in the carpet fibers, but also removes excess water, essentially dehydrating the carpet and leaving it dry, clean and fresh.

If you have your own steam carpet cleaner, you might think you don’t need to hire a professional, that you can handle it on your own. Consumer-grade carpet cleaners lack the powerful suction strength required to extract all the water it will add to your carpet. You see, first the steam cleaner floods your carpet with water to loosen up the dirt, then it suctions up the dirt and excess water to clean thoroughly. The reduced power of consumer-grade machines will not only fail to extract the excess water, but it will also leave more dirt in your carpets than would be there, had you hired a professional. Additionally, some consumer-grade machines will add too much water, dampening the padding underneath. This can lead to mold and mildew growth. In this case, you run the risk of ruining your carpets by not hiring a professional steam carpet cleaner.

Someone might have told you that steam cleaning your carpet will actually shrink your carpet, because you’re washing it with water. This is simply not true. Unless the carpet is left to sit while extremely wet – that is, you attempt to steam clean the carpet without extracting all the water – it will not shrink. A professional steam carpet cleaner, especially one with awesome online reviews such as Sir Clean Pro, would never make such a mistake.